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Parking, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Bus Lane Procedures:

  • The west side of the school off of Irvinedale Drive is reserved for daycare vans and buses only in the afternoon.
  • Parents may use the bus lane only during morning arrival drop off.
  • Both morning arrival and afternoon pick up traffic must travel northbound on NW Irvinedale and turn right into the bus lane.
  • Vehicles will need to exit to the north (right) on NW Irvinedale and continue northbound.
  • Turning left into the bus lane is not allowed as this gridlocks traffic.

Main Entrance Car Lane Procedures:

  • Only one line of cars should line up next to the curb to pick up children. This allows room for people to move in and out of the parking lot and eliminates the chance of children getting caught in cross traffic.
  • Never pick up children in the second lane. This is very dangerous. Also, please pull up as far as you can along the curb, to allow for as many cars as possible to unload/load.
  • DO NOT turn into the Westwood parking lot on 9th Street coming from the west (left hand turn). This backs up everyone trying to come out of the parking lot. We need everyone to enter the parking lot on 9th Street from the east.
  • DO NOT drop off or pick up children on 9th Street. It is very dangerous to do this with all of the traffic. 9th Street is very busy in the morning and this also blocks traffic when you stop in the middle of the street to drop off children.
  • If you leave your car, park in a designated parking place so you don’t block traffic; this includes parking at the east end of the parking lot.
  • Plan arrival accordingly as illegal parking in accessible parking spots is not allowed.
  • If plans for drop-off and pick-up change for your child, parents must send a written note to the Westwood office. This clear communication helps us get the child to and from school safely and without confusion.


  • Please drive slowly.
  • Please back up or move forward to let people out of the parking lot and smile while doing it.
  • Parents are good role models for our children.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for the safety of all Westwood children.
  • All children, parents, visitors and staff need to feel safe in our parking lot.